The sizes we have left are listed below. Prices are:

$20.00 T-shirts

$52.95-55.00 Polo Embroidered shirt Depending on size

$100.00 Jacket

New Club polo shirts and also zipper hoodie that are embroidered instead of screen printed ..ladies shirts are without buttons

Please contact Toni Lewis to buy or order any of our Club Shirts/Jacket’s/Hoodies/Polo shirts

Hi guys ,

     I wanted to send out a email just incase not everyone is on facebook . For all the new people my name is Toni Lewis I am the merchandise person per say . I recently ordered shirts and what I will be listing is what we have left in stock with the full color back graphics. I think I will be placing a order for tonal shirts soon if we keep selling shirts like we have been . I only have certain sizes left in stock at this point . Just letting everyone know if you are interested in a polo shirts, zipper hoodie, or club jacket let me know I can get those at any time they are embroidered . What I can’t get is extra club shirts once I place the  order the order is what it is once it is at the printer.   So if you are interested in a shirt &  I don’t have your size now is the time to tell me so I know to get extra on this next order . When I place a order it can be many types of shirts as far as T-shirt , long sleeve , sweat shirts , zipper hoodie . I know this is a lot of info but I’m trying  to get all the info out for the new people . Here is what I have left in stock :

Ladies 🙁 sm-) 2 white  1-grey ( medium) : 1- vintage red  1- pink ( large ) 1- vintage blue 1- purple 1-lilac

1-charcol grey  1- ash grey 1- vintage red  1- white (x large ) 4- red  5- black 1- vintage red  1- ash grey

2-navy  (2xl) 1 – ash grey   please note the ladies shirts do run small just fyi in this brand I will be going back to old version in next order

Long Sleeve Tee’s  – ( med ) 1- red 1- black  ( large ) 2- charcoal grey 1- navy 1- black

(xlarge) 4- red  3- ash grey  ( 2xl) 3- red 3- black  4- charcoal grey 2- blue/grey color

Unisex shirts  -( Large ) 2- Indigo Blue 1- ash grey 2- yellow 2- charcoal grey 2- vintage navy 1- heather grey

( xlarge) 3- vintage Navy 1- navy  1- stone color 2- grey 1- blue/grey 2- indigo blue

( 2xl) 3 – cardinal 2- vintage navy 2-indigo blue 1-blue/grey 4- grey 1-white 4-black

1-V neck charcoal grey

 Tonal shirts: (med) 3- royal blue 2- red  ( large) 2- yellow  2- charcoal grey  1- royal blue

Prices :

Men’s club logo hats  $25

Ladies club logo hats  $25

Ladies just Corvette   $20

Ladies or Men’s Visor … $25  ( with club logo )

                                           $15  ( with Corvette )

If you would want corvette emblem on one I will just have to tell you price when she does one .. I will work on getting her to do some with emblems so I will know the price ..

   Feel free to contact me via email or text if you are interested in anything you see ..

  This is also Coozies she is doing if that Is something you might like to ….