Hey all,

Saturday is another as they call it, Cars, Carbs and Coffee. This time its in Mooresville. Saturday’s event is the LKN Cars n Coffee that formerly was at Kick Back Jacks…

The meet up place is the same. First Citizens Bank 241 Medical Park Rd. Mooresville ay 7:30 AM. The parking lot is very large and should provide ample parking.

The event starts at 8:00am so be sure to be on time.

We have had such great success with participation at these events since things have started to open up again. As president it makes me feel really good to see this. Because of this we have had a tremendous influx of new members. Members that want to be active in a club like ours. Again, another great thing.

So, if you can make it Saturday please do. Let’s show them who Victory Lane Corvette Club is!

For those who cannot make the meetup place the LKN Cars and Coffee is located at Merino Mill 501 South Main St. Mooresville.

Let’s keep an eye on the weather…..