On another note we have another event that I just booked. For those that went to the Queen City show and didn’t get to see the Hendrick collection I have booked us to go see it. The tour will be on Friday November 19Th at 4:30. The only way to book on a Saturday is if we had 100 people. The cost is $25.00 a head. My thought is to see the collection and then have dinner somewhere in the area. Restaurant details to follow. This would be a rain or shine event and bringing your Corvette is optional. I am excited to see the collection having never been there and from what I hear its unbelievable. So, let have a good showing .

What I need to know is who is interested in going. I have 20 slots booked but can increase that if we need so please let me know ASAP guys.


Bob Romanelli

VLCC President

704 807 0143