My thought was we go to Streetside as usual on September 17th at our usual 8:45 arrive time. We stay till say 10:30/10:45 and drive over for a 11:00 Adams Car care day. Say 11:00 to 2:00. Adams is maybe a mile from Streetside Classics.

Also, I have finally spoken to Kyle at Adams Car Care Products. He agreed to an Adams car care day on the September 17th . We will do this right after Streetside that day. Please see discounts below for the day.

We’ll do 20% discounts on new purchases.

25% off refill discount on all products . You must have your original container.

We can do demos of general cleaning/techniques/ products to use, wheel/tire cleaner, etc.

We’ll giveaway a Graphene Shampoo and Graphene Tire Dressing to the “best build” as deemed by Adam’s Underground.

He will also make lunch for those wanting it. Unfortunately, at $10.00 a plate I’m afraid but never the less it will be available.

So, September 17th 11:00 -2:00

Adams Car Care Day.

Adams Underground

41 Odell School Rd. Concord, Suite F