Meet up 08:00 am at Bobee’s Barbque 9401 Statesville Rd Charlotte pull out at 8:15 … So far this is a rain or shine event !!!!

On Sunday, September 11th, the MCSO will organize a caravan in memory and tribute of 9/11. The event is supported by local police and fire and rescue organizations across the county.  The caravan itself is an experience and sight to see as they close the entire freeway, including the on-ramps for the tribute.  Again, it is an experience that must be shared. A couple of weeks ago I posted a request from Terra Gibbs from Road Runner Vettes for a memorial ride surrounding 9/11. This is an escorted ride on 485. RR Vettes has participated in a number of our events and this cause and the day is something I know in my life time will never forget. Please help me to honor those that died that day as well as helping RR Vettes.