More info to follow : IE meet up place and time

Hello Corvette Owners,

Save the date Nov 6, 2021

Once again, the Road Runner Corvette Club will be hosting its annual Toy Drive.   This is the 9th year of a very special community event.  Many of you in the Corvette owner community have supported the Corvette Angels event for multiple years and been key contributors in the success of this Toy Drive.

Since the inaugural Toy Drive the Corvette community have donated more than 10,000 toys in support of the Corvette Angels event.  During the last Toy Drive near the peak of the pandemic we collected a record of 1450 toys.  This volume truly exceeding our expectations.  “Hats off” to all of the supporters in achieving this milestone during the pandemic.

W e look forward to your support for the upcoming Corvette Angels Toy Drive.

Please lock the date in on your calendar and spread the word.

Thanks in advance.