About Us

Victory Lane Corvette Club was established in 2013. As a club we have gone through the usual trials and tribulations of growth and changes in direction.
We think we are a better club today for that. As a club we have grown over the years and have remained active. We enjoy our cars, but more importantly, we enjoy our members. We are a group that shares a passion for the great American sports car, based in the greater Charlotte area. From car shows to cruise-ins to lunch and dinner rides, we try our best to keep our members engaged.
Club involvement includes attending charitable events, pop rides, and sponsor shows, as well as larger get-togethers in the area. We attend the Food Lion Auto Fair twice a year, Shelton Vineyards, City Chevrolet, Corvettes for Vets, Barron Goodson, Corvette Angels, Ray Evernham’s AmeriCARNA, and many more.
Our members enjoy working on each other’s cars at the “Monster Garage” events we have over the course of the year for cosmetic changes and functional upgrades.
If you enjoy working on your car as much as driving it, then we might be a good fit for you.
Come join in the fun and become part of the Victory Lane Corvette Club Family.